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Now in our 31st year as a student chaper of the American Meteorological Society, MU-AMS is proud to claim hundreds of alumni in a vast network around the globe. In a field where connections are paramount, we publish an alumni newsletter to encourage a tighter-knit community of Millersville meteorology students past and present.


400-in-4 Initiative:

The MU Department of Earth Sciences has begun an initiative to help defray the rising cost of the annual AMS meeting. As class size swells, it remains imperative to continue to provide the opportunity for students to attend and present at the AMS Annual Meeting.

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Social Media:

Want to stay involved in AMS events and activities? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates. We hope to see you at a meeting, conference, or event!

Speaker Series:

Interested in attending a guest lecture by an invited MU-AMS speaker? A schedule of speakers can be found here. Interested in being a guest lecturer? Contact Jantje van der Veken (secretary) at or Robert Capella (president) at



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