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Welcome to the homepage of the Millersville University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society! This year we are celebrating our 28th year anniversary as a Student Chapter of the AMS. Our Chapter has significantly grown since its start in 1986 and is consistently one of the largest student-run organizations here at Millersville University. One of the best benefits that MU-AMS provides to our members is a close connection with peers and professors so that they feel welcome and at home here at Millersville.  Another benefit is access to future opportunities that lie before them; whether it is furthering their education or finding professional organizations within the field of Meteorology and all fields of Earth Sciences. 

We have continued to see an increase in membership each year while gaining more participation in our outreach committee. Our Meteorology-Mentor program has become an over-whelming success over the years, helping our incoming freshmen meteorology majors adapt to college life here at Millersville University. Each freshman is paired up with an upperclassman to help them around the campus and become familiar with the meteorology department. Friendships made here and throughout the year are lifelong.

Our organization’s internal structure continues to strengthen thanks to our open officer meetings, which allows all members of the MU-AMS to have a voice within our chapter and see how the chapter is run in detail. All members can participate in our unique committee system (Events/Fundraising and Community Outreach) that allows our members to become more involved in planning and organizing our chapter’s events.

MU-AMS: 2007 AMS Local Chapter of the Year

Our informative and exciting Speaker Series includes speakers from the National Weather Service, private industry, opportunities at graduate schools, broadcasting industries and many other meteorology-based topics. As mentioned before, this chapter has been around since 1986 and a lot of time alumni will come to speak about what they have done since they graduated. These speakers personally come here to Millersville and are available for any questions or comments the members may have for them. The purpose of the Speaker Series is to show our members all the different exciting and beneficial opportunities there are within the field of meteorology. Students will be exposed to all different fields to further their interest within the career as a meteorologist.

As a chapter, we host our annual Public Weather Awareness Day, which has been an overwhelming success since it was implemented in 2007. Vendors, such as AccuWeather, National Weather Service, and Weather Bug, come out to set up a booth to show the public a little about what they do. We also have student run booths with weather experiments, information, and safety. We will continue to build upon our biggest community outreach event and make it bigger and better each and every year. In addition, we have a School Outreach Program which gives our students the opportunity to go out to local schools and spread our passion for the weather to the young students of our community while also gaining public speaking experience. Our members can get access to funding to go to various conferences throughout the year

We continue to receive new ideas social events for our members by the members, such as bowling, haunted houses, Hersey Park, and so much more. At the end of the year we host the annual Russell L. DeSouza Banquet where we celebrate the end of the year and give appreciation to members who have really shown their dedication to the chapter.

As President of MU-AMS, I want to make sure that our members have a wonderful experience here at Millersville University and as a student meteorologist.  If you have any questions, please come to our Open Officer Meetings, or send me an email. I would love to hear your input because it makes our chapter a successful student organization.

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James Fowler
President, MU-AMS

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2014-2015 Millersville AMS Members

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