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School Outreach Program:
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The Met-Mentor program is a month-long program designed to welcome first-year students into the major and introduce them to the upperclassmen. The officers have worked hard to create a fun atmosphere by putting together numerous social events to show the new students the area around Millersville, as well as familiarizing them with the campus. Mentors for the program include the six officers of the MU AMS and upperclassmen who have volunteered their time to give their companionship to the new students and answer any questions they may have. And of course, we are all looking to have a good time while enjoying what the area has to offer!

MU-AMS continues to promote its MET-MENTOR program, teaming junior and senior meteorology majors with the new freshmen class to provide mentoring, social networking, and camaraderie. We attribute our first high retention rates (65-85%) on this program, far above the historical average of about 50%.

For more information, please contact the MU-AMS president, Robert Capella, at

2017-18 Program Schedule

  • Ice Cream Social/Meet 'n Greet
    Sunday, 8/23 @ 7:00PM
    Meeting location: Weather Center
  • Lancaster Barnstormer's Game
    Tuesday, 9/6 @ 6:30PM
    Meeting location: Caputo lobby
  • Forecasting Competition
    Tuesday, 9/13 @ 6:00PM
    Meeting location: Caputo 402
  • Campfire
    Sunday, 9/18 @ 6:00PM
    Meeting location: Caputo lobby
  • Ropes Course
    Tuesday, 9/20, 6:00PM
    Meeting location: Caputo lobby
  • Annual Fall Picnic
    Tuesday, 9/27 @ 5:30PM
    Meeting location: Caputo lobby
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