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To promote Millersville Meteorology and to communicate weather information to the general public by providing data, weather forecasts and expert commentary to media and other organizations.

Eric J. Horst - Director, Weather Information Center
A graduate of Penn State University, Eric's primary focus is on weather analysis, media meteorology and the development of Internet weather resources. An expert forecaster, he has been quoted hundreds of times in newspapers and magazines and he has appeared on numerous radio and TV broadcasts.

Richard D. Clark - Professor of Meteorology
With a PhD from University of Wyoming, Rich is an expert in boundary layer meteorology and lower tropospheric dynamics. His current research focus is low-level ozone and particulate concentrations over the East Coast megalopolis, and he is a principal researcher in the three-year federally funded North-East Corridor Oxidant and Particle Study.


Alex J. DeCaria - Assistant Professor of Meteorology
A Veteran Navy Forecaster and graduate of University of Maryland, Dr. DeCaria specializes in atmospheric chemistry and numerical modeling. His particular interest is the effects of lightning and convection on atmospheric chemistry.


David Fitzgerald - Meteorology Systems & Network Manager
A graduate of Millersville University and the University of Wyoming (M.S.), Dave oversees all aspects of our meteorological network.


Todd Sikora - Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Prior to joining Millersville Meteorology, Dr. Sikora was an Associate Professor at the United States Naval Academy. He is our expert on marine meteorology, synthetic aperture radar, and air sea interaction. Todd earned his BS, MS, and PhD at Penn State University.


Sepidah Yalda - Associate Professor of Meteorology
A graduate of Saint Louis University, Dr. Yalda is our expert on climate statistics and climate change. Sepi is also an authority on the use of satellites and radars in meteorology.

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